W o o d h a m     H i g h     S c h o o l ' s

J. a z z   R . o c k   E . n s e m b l e

Why Are You Here?
It is September of 2008. Hank Swindull, Phil Benson, Steve Williams and P.S. Ruckman, Jr. realize they have all joined Facebook in a matter of weeks. They haven't really seen or heard much from each other in about 30 plus years. What does it mean? Why has it happened?

There is no possible way of knowing. But several friendly exchanges later, there is a J.R.E. Facebook page. There is a J.R.E. world wide web page. Rare photographs, programs and news clippings are appearing for all to see. The infamous "folder" is being replicated. An original jersey has been found. And there is a lot of love in the air.

It appears to be time for us to look for each other, reacquaint ourselves with one another and share our experiences. It is time for us to revive some great memories. It is time for us to hunt down some of the extraordinary laughs that we all know we had and appreciate them for what they were - priceless.

Explore this site. Contact someone. Contribute as much information as you can. When we get together, join us. It was all good then. It is all good now! Welcome home!